Investing – The Four Types of Investments

There are four main asset classes – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate – and each has its own benefits, risks, and characteristics. Shares are an excellent option for long-term investors and can increase in value in the medium-to-long…..

Business Funding Options

Business Funding Options for Small Businesses

admin | April 15, 2021

Small business funding refers to the informal means by which a current or aspiring business owner gains cash to launch a new enterprise, buy an already existing business or augment current business activity.The money needed may come from personal savings,…..

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Business Continuity Management

A Review of Business Continuity Management

admin | April 8, 2021

What does it mean by Business Continuity Management? Simply put, it is the ability of an organization to continue with the efficient and uninterrupted flow of business as long as any event that might cause interruptions is avoided. The term…..

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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management – An Essential Requirement

admin | April 1, 2021

Business continuity management is a branch of management that seeks to ensure that companies can continue to operate smoothly even when they experience disasters. What exactly does this mean? For starters, business continuity management takes into consideration any aspect of…..

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BSC For Business Continuity Management

admin | February 8, 2021

Business continuity management entails defining business continuity (business system continuity) well in advance of any disaster or attack. It also entails setting up IT and business systems to deal with unexpected extreme events like fires, floods, or earthquakes. These extreme…..

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