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MSME-ASI will be advocating for the adoption of a set of principles that will guide the conception and implementation of policies for MSME’s in Nigeria, both at Federal and state levels. These principles been advocated are essential to bring added value for MSME’s in Nigeria, create a level playing field for MSMEs and improve the legal and administrative environment throughout Nigeria for MSMEs, the principles are as listed below:

  1. Create an environment in which entrepreneurs can thrive and entrepreneurship is rewarded.
  2. Ensure that honest entrepreneurs who have faced bankruptcy quickly get a second chance.
  3. Design rules according to the “Think Big Start Small” principle.
  4. Make public administrations responsive to MSMEs’ needs.
  5. Adapt public policy tools to MSME needs: facilitate MSMEs’ participation in public procurement and better use State Aid possibilities for MSMEs.
  6. Facilitate MSMEs’ access to finance and develop a legal and business environment supportive to MSME peculiar needs.
  7. Help MSMEs to benefit more from the opportunities offered by both local and international markets.
  8. Promote the upgrading of skills in MSMEs and all forms of innovation(s) essential to the continued existence and growth of the MSME’s.
  9. Enable MSME’s to turn environmental challenges into opportunities and to leverage on market opportunities.
  10. Encourage and support MSMEs to benefit from the growth of markets, both within and outside of the country.

Entrepreneurship potentials needs to be better exploited. There is a continuing gender gap in terms of entrepreneurship, which translates into fewer women entrepreneurs. This adds to an unexploited potential for entrepreneurship among women.


To translate these principles into practice, our advocacy initiative will engage in several programmes and initiatives which include amongst the following:

  • Promoting entrepreneurial culture and facilitating exchanges of best practice between Nigerian MSME promoters and those from other developed nations where business best practices are not only in use but a culture.
  • Stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial mind-sets among young people by advocating for the introduction of entrepreneurship as a key competence in school curricula, particularly in general secondary education, and ensure that it is correctly reflected in teaching material.
  • Establish entrepreneurship business hubs in select tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The hubs will raise “NEXT GENERATION ENTREPRENURS” in Nigeria.
  • Step up cooperation with the established business community and emerging entrepreneurs in order to develop systematic strategies for entrepreneurship growth and development at all levels.
  • Put in place schemes for matching transferable businesses with potential new owners to enable situations where business owners wishing to transfer business entities get the best platform to do so.
  • Provide mentoring and support for entrepreneurs by providing them the right set of skills, linkages and markets to excel.
  • Provide mentoring and support for female entrepreneurs as is best suited for their peculiar needs.










MSMEs play the most vital role in job creation, GDP growth and contribution and accelerated economic growth and development, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. However sadly, the Nigerian case is rather different. We seek Nigerians with a belief that Nigeria can be put back on the right paths of rapid economic development and growth through the strengthening of the MSME sub-sector via the harmonisation of policies from all agencies managing the sub-sector and improved access to finance. We also periodically review government initiatives (access to finance/ support services) and advice government and its agencies on the short comings of such initiatives while providing a platform for the citizenry to actively engage government and its agencies on the much needed impact its policies should make for MSMEs.


We are seeking to serve as the advocacy vehicle that will shape the climate under which MSME’s operate and guide policy makers and shapers in churning out policies and regulations that are not only friendly but encouraging and appreciative of the peculiarities facing MSME’s in Nigeria. 


To double the share of people preferring self-employment to being an employee and use same as a vehicle to drive sustained job and wealth creation.


We seek to improve the climate under which MSMEs operate in Nigeria and in partnership with other member based organisations, raise the grounds of entrepreneurship capacity building and improved access to finance for MSMEs in Nigeria.